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#11. All About Warm-Up Techniques with Dr. Scott Dunaway

February 19, 2017

This week's show is all about different warm-up techniques and pre-exercise strategies for successful movement. I invited Dr. Scott Dunaway on to give his take on the subject.


-Intro [1:00]

-Sponsor: Siete Family Foods [1:45]

-Join the email list for a free ebook and $10 off coupon for Full Body Fix the program [2:35]

-Bio on Dr. Scott Dunaway aka Chirostrength [3:20]

-How did you get interested in Chiropractic? [4:50]

-What’s your practice like / who do you work with (Active Care)? [6:45]

Topic of the day: Best warm-up /pre- activity preparation [10:00]

-General framework (What is movement literacy?) [10:28] 

-When to use deep mobilizations and when not to… [14:17]

-Concept of Muscle Splinting, Casting, Spasming [16:00]

-When to enlist the help of a movement provider [19:00]

-Passive vs. Active Stretching - when to use sustained holds vs. contract/relax techniques and  End Range Isometric Contraction via Dr. Andreo Spina [20:28]

Listener Questions from FB: [24:30]

Ellen C. Is a dynamic warm up all that important? Are a few minutes on the treadmill and some stretches as beneficial?

Carla B Why were we always taught to stretch before activity? Knowing more now, it seems really counterintuitive. Also, what does stretching after activity do for you( besides it being a "proper cool down ")? 

Kimberly K Is it bad to stretch before a workout? I don't have time after my crossfit class so I stretch a little before to get some stretching in.

-Take home point: Dynamic, movement specific mobility and stability pre activity...deep work post. Dr. Perry Nichelston RAIL system (Release, Activate, Integrate, Locomote) [34:40]

-What are you working on? New program = The Core Pyramid [36:36]

-Where can be find out more about you? [37:00]

Web: http://www.chirostrength.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/chirostrength/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chirostrength

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