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#22. Pre-Natal & Pediatric Chiropractic Care with Dr. Ron Robinson

May 7, 2017

The Month of Moms is here! I've got a whole month of shows dedicated to healthy moms and kids and guest Dr. Ron Robinson comes on to talk all things pre-natal and pediatric chiropractic care.

- Intro

- Updates [1:00]

- Sponsor: PureWod Greens [2:20]

- Interview: Dr. Ron Robinson, DC [2:54]

- How did you get into the Chiropractic profession? [5:40]

- What is the Premier Wellness Care Chiropractic like? [8:04]

- What is the "Perfect Storm" in regards to the health problems we are seeing in today's landscape? [13:17]

- How can Chiropractic Care Help? [18:50]

- Listener Question: How can Chiropractic Care help ear infections? [22:46]

- Is Chiropractic Care safe for kids? [26:00]

- Sponsor: Siete Family Food [30:40]

- Where can people find providers like you? National Wellness Foundation, ICPA4KIDS [31:30]

- Where can providers learn how to serve this population better?  www.wellalignedproducts.com/delivered [35:00]

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