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#54. Balancing CrossFit & Chiropractic College with Patrick Vellner

I'm excited to kick off the New Year with this week's episode featuring Patrick Vellner. Pat is a Chiropractic student and the reigning 3rd Fittest Man on Earth. Tune in to hear his story and his tips for balancing a full training and class schedule. 

1. Intro 

2. New Sponsor: STR/KE MVMNT (2:20) 

3. Interview: Patrick Vellner (3:14) 

4. PEDs in CrossFit (11:00) 

5. Background in Athletics (11:57) 

6. Events at The CrossFit Games (21.52) 

7. Sponsor: Equip Foods & Perfect Keto (23:54) 

8. Chiropractic School (24:34) 

9. Timing: When did you start CrossFit/ Chiropractic School? (27:52) 

10. When did you realize you were good at CrossFit? (29:10) 

11. Topic of the Day: "Time Management, Programming, and How to Balance it All" (33:13) 

12. Yearly Training Plan (35:50) 

13. Focus (38:05)

14. How do you organize your schedule? (45:46) 

15. Rapid Fire Questions (48:00) 

16. Where to keep up with Pat: (55:00) 




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#53. Reflecting, Projecting, and Year One Highlights

It is the last show of the year! It has been a blast bringing you this show every week. Take a listen to me reflecting on this year, projecting for 2018, and highlighting some of my favorite episodes from year 1. 

1. Intro

2. Sponsors (2:44) 

     Equip Foods 

     Siete Family Foods 

3. Quick News (4:56) 

4. Favorites from 2017 (6:45) 

     Episode 2 with Dr. Chris Stepien 

     Episode 17 with Noelle Tarr

     Episode 21 with Melissa Hemphill

     Episode 27 Solo Pod

     Episode 34 with Carl Paoli

     Episode 37 with Dr. Bob Ruano 

     Episode 43 with Dr. Aaron Horschig

5.  Wrap up (24:50) 

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#52. Case Study: Elbow Injury in a Powerlifter with Dr. Raphael Castro

We are wrapping up the case study series this week with Dr. Raphael Castro.  Dr. Castro, AKA the Lifting Doc is bringing us two very different cases to show the improvements made in a variety of athletes.  From powerlifting to acrobats, how are these cases solved? 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (1:40) 

3. Interview: Dr. Raphael Castro (2:35) 

4. Training Modality of The Lifting Doc (6:30) 

5. Topic of the Day: Case Study: Elbow Injury in a Powerlifter (8:18) 

6. Bonus: Case Study: The Acrobat (15:27) 

7. Where can you catch up with Dr. Castro? (19:30) 



8. Shout Out: Equip Foods Use the code ‘fullbodyfix’ for 10% off  (20:45) 

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#51. Case Study: Neck & Radiating Arm Pain with Dr. Brian Tiu

It's time to solve our second case study with Dr. Brian Tiu. Dr. Tiu is a non-traditional chiropractor that in simple terms, fixes complicated muscle and joint problems. Today he brings a complicated case on neck and radiating arm pain. Take a listen to hear how he helped his patient. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (1:41) 

3. Interview: Dr. Brian Tiu (2:42) 

4. Topic of the Day: Cervical Disc Disorder w/ Radiculopathy (7:38) 

5. Using Integrative Diagnosis in the Exam (9:04) 

6. Sponsor: Equip Foods (18:51) 

7. Corrective Exercises (19:34) 

8. Where can you connect with Dr. Brian Tiu (22:18) 





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#50. Case Study: Plantar Fasciitis with Dr. Jake Altman

It's the start of a new mini-series on case studies.  On this episode, my friend and fellow Sports Chiropractor Dr. Jake Altman brings an interesting case of plantar fasciitis. Tune in to find out how he solved this ongoing issue with one of his patients.

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods(2:27) 

3. Interview: Dr. Jake Altman (3:10) 

Immaculate Dissection: Dr. Kathy Dooley

4. Topic of the Day: Case Study: Plantar Fasciitis (9:50) 

5. What did your exam reveal? (16:09) 

6. Functional Range Conditioning (21:06) 

7. Ultimate Outcome (21:18) 

8. Thoughts on the Case (25:09) 

9. Sponsor: Equip Foods (27:09) 

Use the code 'fullbodyfix' for 10% off 

10. Where can you find Dr. Jake?




11. Looking for videos for the exercises in todays episode? 


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#49. The Future of the Show & My Month of Intermittent Fasting

I'm sharing some results of the listener survey so many of you took time to fill out and laying out the vision for the future of the show. I also chat about my month of intermittent fasting. At the very end, I share some encouragement for those of you attempting any kind of health or nutrition challenge. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponosor: Siete Family Foods (2:04) 

3. Podcast Survey Results & The Future of the Pod (2:49) 



4. Past & Upcoming Mini Series (7:08)

5. Sponsor: Equip Foods (8:34)  

6. My IF Experiement (9:39)  

7. Encouragement - Know Your Why (18:20) 


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#48. Build Your Online Biz With IRL Events with Diane Sanfilippo

My amazing wife, Diane Sanfilippo joins me this week to round out the last episode in the business mini-series. Diane is a serial entrepreneur and the 2x NYT best selling author or Practical Paleo and the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Her newest book, The 21 Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide is releasing Jan 2nd. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponosor: Siete Family Foods (1:40) 

3. Interview: Diane Sanfilippo (2:34) 

4. Is an Entrepreneur Born or Made? (3:40) 

5. Topic of the Day: "Build Your Online Biz With IRL Events (7:10) 

6. The difference between a large number of followers vs having active followers. (16:20) 

7. Listener Question "How do you know your “worth” and avoiding giving away free content forever?" 

8. Getting Out in the Real World (30:26) 

9. Sponsor: Equip Foods (38:50) 

10. Listener Question: "my husband is a rebel/ENFP - he’s leaving the air force and has always wanted his own biz, but struggles with where to start - a lot of it due to his own resistance. How do you harness your own fighting spirit and start over?" (39:41) 

11. Want to learn more? (45:50) 

Build a Badass Business

12. Find All of Diane's work 

Balanced Bites



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#47. Social Media & Marketing for Movement Providers with Dr. Jen Esquer

It's time for the second episode in the business mini-series with Dr. Jen Esquer.  Dr. Jen is a Physical Therapist based in Los Angeles.  She is an inspiring mover on Instagram and uses her platform to help others. Listen in on some of Dr. Jen's amazing tips on social media and marking to grow your online presence.  

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (2:29) 

3. Interview: Dr. Jen Esquer (2:59)

4. How her Instagram got started (5:24)

5. AcroYoga (8:10)

6. Topic of the Day: “Social Media & Marketing for Movement Providers” (11:23) 

7. The Aesthetics of Growing an Audience (14:35) 

8. Collaboration (19:39)

9. How to Attract your Audience (22:40)

10. Sponsor: Equip Foods (25:56)

11. Instagram Live or Stories Tips (26:40)

12. Where can people connect with you? (32:40)



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#46. 10 Lessons from 9 Years of Practice with Dr. Adam Jacobs

This episode we are kicking off the business mini-series with Dr. Adam Jacobs.  Dr. Adam is the owner of SF Custom Chiro and creator of the Custom Chiropractic Practice Management Seminar.  With over 9 years in practice, Dr. Adam is sharing his top 10 lessons in running a successful business. 

1. Intro 

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2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (3:10) 

3. Interview: Dr. Adam Jacobs (3:55) 

4. Topic of the Day: "10 Lessons From 9 Years of Practice" (9:35) 

5. #1 Setting Goals (10:10) 

6. #2 Pick a Niche Your Passionate About (13:06) 

7. #3 Image Matters (15:20) 

8. #4 You Need to Build a Supporting Team (17:47) 

9. Sponsor: Equip Foods (19:05) 

10. #5 Insurance (19:54) 

11. #6 Managing Staff (22:41) 

12. #7 Be able to tell patients what they need and give them a plan of care (26:32) 

13. #8 Networking (29:47) 

14. #9 Don't Stop Learning, Always Seek New Opportunity and Think Outside the Box (33:53) 

15. #10 Systems (36:04) 

16: Chiropractic Coaching Seminar November 18-19 


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#45. Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness

It's time for a solo pod.  This week, I am talking about Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness.  With over 20 years of actively training, I'm sharing the top four things I have learned to be able to move for a lifetime. 

1. Intro

2. Updates (1:14) 

   Podcast Survey 

   FBF Workshops  Ashley@fullbodyfix.com

   What's to come? 

3. Sponsor: Equip Foods (4:01)

   For 10% off use the code 'fullbodyfix' 

4. Topic of the Day: Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness (4:55) 

5. Variety (5:28) 

6. Seasons (9:15) 

7. Pain (10:58) 

8. Longevity (15:20) 

9. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (18:20) 

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