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May 2018

#75 Do Weight Training Belts “Weaken Your Core”?

May 27, 2018

I have been doing a lot of research on using a weight belt because I haven’t used one in my 20+ years of training. I just bought my first one at 40 and today I’m sharing the details and my opinion on using a weight belt durning training.

1. Intro

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3. Updates (3:15) 

Eating Gluten Free While Traveling


4. Topic of the Day: Weight Belts (6:05)

Stronger By Science 
Jordan Barbell Medicine - YouTube Video

5. How Not to Use a Belt (11:14)

6. Recommendations on Belts (13:43)

General Leather Craft - Pioneer 4" Tapered Training Belt

Rouge Leather Single Prong

Best Belts

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