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Jul 2018

#80. Spirituality as a Dimension of Holistic Health with Dr. Matt Kreinheder

July 1, 2018

This episode is outside the mechanical realm and we are in the spiritual one.  I'm excited to welcome on Dr. Matt Kreinheder to talk about spirituality as a dimension of holistic health and the upcoming release of his book "Awaken the Mystics."  

1. Intro 

2. Eating Evolved(2:26) Coupon Code 'drscottmills' for a free 2 pack Coconut Butter Cups on every order

3. Interview: Dr. Matt Kreinheder(3:15)

4. Sponsor:Kasandrinos (10:40) 

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5. Topic of the Day: Spirituality as a Dimension of Holistic Health (11:27)

6. "Awakening the Mystics" (18:34)

7. Mystic Experiences (21:21) 

8. Drawing back the curtain (24:10)

9. Easy Access Points (30:20)

10. Testimonial (31:33)

11. Book Details (33:36)

Where to find the book?

12. Where can you find Dr. Matt K? (37:04) 




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