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Aug 2018

#85. Starting Over

August 5, 2018

Starting over isn't always easy, but it might be exactly what you need. In this episode, I'm sharing how I re-booted my chiropractic career. Along with what I did, you will hear what a few other prractitioners did to change their business models and how it can apply across professions. Chiropractor or not, this episode if for anyone looking to change or start over in their profession. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Balanced Bites Spices (3:28) 

3. Topic of the Day: Starting Over (4:28)

Episode 65

4. My Practice (7:29) 

ART Corporate Contracts

Clinic Gym Radio

5. What are barriers that keep people from changing? (14:05) 

6. More Starting Over Stories (19:11) 

Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dr. Carl Russo 

Dr. Kurt Perkins

7. Blog Post (26:11) 

8. Sponsor: Eating Evolved (27:04) 

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