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Oct 2018

#95. Case Study: ACL Rehab with Dr. Teddy Willsey

October 14, 2018

It's time to wrap up the case study series with return guest, Dr. Teddy Willsey.  This show takes us through an ACL Rehab that has a few twists tossed in.  

1. Intro 

Episode 39 - General Knee Rehab

2. Sponsor:Eating Evolved (1:54) 

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3. Ask Me Anything (2:26) 

4. Interview: Dr. Teddy Willsey (3:37) 

5. Case Study: ACL Rehab (7:23) 

6. What are they working with? (14:05) 

7. Other Objective Measures (21:10) 

8.  Sponsor: Kasandrinos (28:17)

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9. Where to find Dr. Teddy? (29:26) 


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