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#35. Training Smarter with Kristin Kaschak

This week's show we welcome Kristin Kaschak from 'Is This Podcast Paleo?' This is the second episode in the fitness series and we are digging into training smarter. 

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (2:44) 

3. Interview: Kristin Kaschak (3:45) 

4. Kristin shares how she went down the rabbit hole of fitness and healthy eating (5:20) 

5. Kristin shares her new way of making coffee (10:40)  

Bona Vita World

6. Major Takeaways from the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games (14:52) 

7. Sponsor: Equip Foods (22:50) 

8. Topic of the Day: "Training Smarter" (23:44)

9. Tips for Getting Started in Fitness (26:20) 

10. Programming for the Year (30:09) 

11. Planning for Rest (34:30) 

12. Stop being so serious and have some fun (38:54) 

13. How can people connect with you? (44:08) 


 - Why Do You Train? 


Is This Podcast Paleo?

14. Email to ask questions at info@fullbodyfix.com 

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#34. Measuring Performance by Feel with Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli is here for the first episode in the Fitness Mini Series of shows. We talk about movement philosphy and measuring performance by feel versus only tracking numbers and PRs. 

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (2:05)

3. Announcement: Full Body Fix is going on the road with Workshops (2:53) 

     9/6/17 San Francisco, CA (More Info Coming Soon)
     9/16/17 Rochester, NY (Register Here)  

4. Interview: Carl Paoli (3:56)

5. Carl tells his story as a teacher dedicated to physical education (5:49)

6. Worldwide travel experiences (7:20) 

7. Freestyle seminars, progressions, and the book (9:52) 

8. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (15:55)

9. Topic of the Day: "Measuring Performance by Feel" 

10. Strike Movement and "United by Motion" (25:45) 

11.  How to Measure Performance by Feel (31:35) 

12.  How can people connect with you? (37:20) 





13. Closing and a movement challenge (38:26) 

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#33. Frozen Shoulder with Dr. Chris Stepien

Dr. Chris Stepien is back for an episode to talk about frozen shoulder (aka adhesive capsulitis). He recently posted a video testimonial and case study of one of his patients recovering from this condition after 10 years of pain in just 7 visits. Listen up!

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (2:35)

3. Update on new Full Body Fix Team Member Ashley Keough and call for Podcast Guests in the Fitness World (3:20)

4. Dr. Chris takes us through frozen shoulder (4:43)

- Watch the Video of his patient's progress!

5. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (15:40)

6. Email to ask questions or suggest a guest for the show info@fullbodyfix.com

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#32. Low Back Pain & Instability with Dr. Dino Del Mastro

I've got a special guest today, Dr. Dino Del Mastro (aka Crossfix) to talk about low back pain and instability. 

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (1:53)

3. Interview: Dr. Dino Del Mastro (2:44)

4. Dr. Dino tells his story of Competitive Judo, injuires and chiropractic. (4:00)

5. Topic of the Day: "Low back pain and core instability"

6. Basic Anatomy & Assessment (13:15)

7. Common Problems (18:50)

8. Treatment options: Dead Bugs, Clam Shells, Planks (23:55)

9. Sponsor: Equip Foods (25:40)

10. NASM Seminars - NASM.org (27:10)

11How can people connect with you? (31:10)


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#31. The Importance of Ankle Rehab, Part 2 with Dr. Carl Russo

This week's show features my former classmate from NYCC, Dr. Carl Russo. He has two practices in New York, one inside of a Crossfit Gym. We break down everything you need to know about ankle assessment and rehab and how it affects the whole body!

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (3:09)

3. Dr. Russo Interview (4:15)

4. The importance of Ankles - anatamy and functional movement and why active people need to know their own Range of Motion (8:42)

5. Ankle Assessment (10:54) - Ankle Dorsiflexion Wall Test

6. What is the root cause ankle problems? (12:45)

7. What is your take on OLY Lifting Shoes? (16:40)

8. What are some of the best treatments for Ankle Issues? (21:10)

9. Foot Drills (Check out the Video here)

10. Testimonial - Regional Level Crossfit Athlete with knee pain, hip and low back pain (30:00)

11. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (36:10)

12. Listener Questions: (38:20)

NurseJackie6 - Pain in ankle during forced plantar flexion in the anterior ankle after 3 ½ months post ankle injury. Wore a brace for 6 weeks.

TRPHIL - Friend has an accessory navicular and (potentially) caused a stretched or torn tendon (I’m assuming Posterior tibialis), which is causing pronation. She has orthotics. Anything else she can do?

13. Getting in Touch with Dr. Russo (44:46)

14. Ankle Rehab Protocol in Full Body Fix Video Rehab Program (45:45) Save $10 with code "Fullbodyfixradio" at checkout

http://functionalcarerx.com/ and instagram.com/functionalcarerx

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#30. The Importance of Ankle Rehab, Part 1

This is a quick episode and introduction to next week's interview with Dr. Carl Russo. We will be diving deep into ankle anatomy, function and why it's overlooked and super important. I illustrate the point with a brief testimonial from a recent case of mine. 

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#29. Chi Running, Injuries & Listener Questions with Matt Sheehy PT

This week an extended show with Matt Sheehy, PT. He's an avid long distance runner and certified Chi Running instructor here in San Francisco. He breaks down the Chi method and answers a bunch of your questions.

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#28. Sacroiliac (Low Back) Pain

This week is another installment of "condition specific shows" where I talk about the causes and cures for Sacroiliac Joint Pain. 

1. Intro

2. Update

3. Sponsor - Siete Family Foods [1:54]

4. Sacroiliac Joint Pain - Structure & Function, Symptoms, Root Causes, Cures [2:46]

5. Sponsor - Equip Foods [12:40]

Find a local provider at MovementProviders.com or check my blog post on tips to find a good chiropractor in your area.

Take advantage of your listener coupon code - enter "fullbodyfixradio" for $10 off the SI Joint Pain Protocol or any of the exercises in the Full Body Fix Video Rehab Program.

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#27. Headaches: When Chiropractic & Active Release Can Help

This week is a quick episode about headaches and specifically the type called "suboccipital" headaches. Chiropractic care plus Active Release Techniques is simply amazing for clearing these up. Listen in to find out more!

1. Intro

2. Update

3. Sponsor - Siete Family Foods

4. Suboccipital Headaches, Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Adjustments

5. Sponsor - Equip Foods

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#26. Plantar Fasciitis and Fasciosis, Causes & Cures

A quick solo-pod to get you better information for combating the painful condition plantar fasciitis / fasciosis! 

- Intro [1:00]

- Enter my 10k Giveaway! [2:25]

- Siete Family Foods 

- Plantar Fasciitis [3:30]

- Youtube Channel and PF Protocol  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV0FDZThwDQ

- Difference between itis and osis [5:30]

- Soft Tissue Adhesions [6:50]

- Step 1: Find an ART Provider or Integrative Diagnosis Provider

- Step 2: Am Foot Massage, non-weight bearing with a BodyWorks Ball [9:20]

- Step 3: Ankle ROM, Contract/relax stretching of the calf/soleus [11:13]

- Step 4: Ankle ROM, Talar glides

- Step 5: Foot Drills [13:32]  (Your shoes are starving your brain)

- Sponsor: Equip Foods [15:30]

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