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#16. Kettlebells, Powerful Pressing, & Obstacle Racing with Janelle Pica

March 26, 2017

This week on the show is my friend from Pittsburgh, Janelle Pica to talk about kettlebell training, obstacle course racing and the myths of the bulky female lifter, and training for strict pullups.

- Intro: [1:00]

- Sponsor: PureWod Recovery [1:57]

- Interview: Janelle Pica [2:34]

- Difference between RKC / Strong First Kettlebell training and certifications [6:15]

- The Powerful Pressing Program [8:25]

- Using Training Variability to see strength gains [11:12]

- Sponsor: Siete Family Foods [13:20]

- Movement Myth Busting:

1. The Myth of the Bulky Female Lifter [14:20]

2. Training for a Strict Pull-Up - ditch the bands --> planks, hollow body holds, dead hang, negatives, scapular pull-ups instead [16:10]

- Mindset and Training [21:15]  Superhuman You - Dave Whitley

- Testimonial - [25:30] Iron Maiden Competition and pistol squat success story

- Obstacle Course Racing, Ninja Warrior Training [27:25]

- Connect With Janelle:




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