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#25. Desk Worker Syndrome: Offsetting Modern Work Environments with Dr. Justin Rabinowitz

June 4, 2017

Kicking off our condition specific series, I have Dr. Justin Rabinowitz on to help us understand why it's especially important for active adults to care for their bodies in their work environments.

- Intro

- Updates [1:00]

- Sponsor: Equip Foods [2:50]

- Interview: Dr. Justin Rabinowitz [3:44]

- Don't rely solely on imaging [8:25]

- Topic of the Day: Desk Worker Syndrome and Modern Work Environments [9:30]

- How active adults are especially in need of strategies

- What is the big picture problem? Lack of variety of movement [13:00]

- Flexion Intolerance [14:00]

- Solutions [17:15] Postural Assessment, Micro-breaks, Brugger's Relief Position

- Sponsor: Siete Family Foods [19:25]

- Mckenzie Method [21:25]

- Hip Hinging: Moving the hips without moving the low back (Dr. Eric Goodman's Ted Talk)

- Testimonial [24:50]

- Best way to Connect with Dr. Justin [27:55]




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